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At Kingdom Ministries, We believe that you can’t have Joy without Peace, Peace without Trust, Trust without Hope, Hope without Faith. For faith is the substance of things hoped for, we trust in the evidence that’s not seen & peace is the bi-product of the evidence, or a reaction of proof. You respond to the truth that has evidence with peace.



About Kingdom Ministries​


Kingdom Ministries was founded by Pastor Maurice E. Phillips. The first gathering was held in the living room of Pastor Maurice E. Phillips with 20 folding chairs. On this 6th day of January in the year 2008, all 20 seats were filled and 6 people joined the ministry. The first praise team was started at this location. Within 3 months, Kingdom Ministries outgrew the living room and moved into the multi-purpose room of True Word Ministries. At this location, the Liturgical Dance Ministry and then the Choir was formed. Shortly thereafter (3 more months), Kingdom started to grow past the capacity of the multi-purpose room.


Kingdom Ministries then moved to the Decatur Shopping Center. We decided to make this our home, not knowing that this was just another stepping stone.  At this location, we began to see the need for other auxiliaries to be birthed.  We started our Youth Ministry, Women's Ministry, Sunday School Department, and Helping Hands.  Once again, after 3 years of occupancy, Kingdom moved to the Commerce location, once again not knowing this was just a stepping stone we then moved. 


While in the Commerce Location Kingdom expanded its sanctuary and housed the Extended Vacation Bible School, Men's Auxiliary, Women's Auxiliary, Caring Hearts, Deacon Board, Minister's Board, and Youth Ministry.

Kingdom Ministries then relocated to the Corporate Center location where we made a temporary home. Kingdom stayed there until God released the ministry to move. Kingdom Ministries was then placed at Serenity Chapel where once again this was just a stepping stone. Kingdom Ministries is now temporarily located at Clark High School.


This ministry was entrusted to Pastor Maurice E. Phillips by God.  Every Sunday we recognize this, and that God still has total control of the Worship Experience.  Kingdom Ministries is not a church, it is a place where God dwells and where the Holy Spirit can be experienced.  We have witnessed HEALING, DELIVERANCE, AND FREEDOM.  Once you visit Kingdom, you will never be the same.

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