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Sunday School Lesson- 5/31/2020

The King's Eternal Throne

Psalm 45:1-17

This scripture speaks of a musican whose "tongue is the pen of a ready writer". This reminds me of an artist giving an account of the work ethic of JayZ. JayZ is a well know rapper who is now a CEO, Mogul and Legend. This particular artist states that JayZ can enter the booth in the studio and say his lyrics from memory, perfectly the first time. And if a redo is needed which is rare, he can regergitate the same rhyme again with pen, pad or iphone. Are we able to profess our love for Jesus in this manner? Do you have a testimony on deck? Can you account for the things that Jesus has done for you as if it were yesterday? In order to do this, we must be rehearsing this song in our mind day in a day out. Let our tongues become the pen of a ready writer.


Co-Pastor Carrie Phillips

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