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Mountain Experience

There are many people in this world that have had difference experiences and views of mountains. Living in Las Vegas is often refered to as living in a valley. This is because Las Vegas is surrounded by mountain ranges. Mount Charleston is a beautiful site from the city especially when there is snow.

Some drive up to Mount Charleston and vistit the logdge or the resturaunts. The experience is a different. Some enjoy the scenic route and the crisp air. Some may even go to the resort for skiing and hot chocolate.

Last but not least there are those who are residents. They have homes on the mountain. They experience snow, floods and fires. The residence also must be aware of the danger of animals and climate.

Exodus illuminates the different positions and view points of the mountain from the children of Isreal. When Moses was called up to the mount to meet with God there were at least four different positions and vantatage points.

Valley- The people were waiting in the valley.

Bottom of the Mountain- The elders were at the bottom in order to service the people.

The top of the Mountain- Moses and the selected few.

The peak of the Mountain- Only Moses was invited to enter into the cloud to have a conversation with God.

Everyone wants the peak experience but not very many are willing to accept the climbing invite.

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